5 “She-series” that will inspire the badass in You!

“Some women fear the fire, some simply become it.”

-R. H. Sin

 “Sweet, pretty, cute, beautiful, docile, simple, cultured”; these are the adjectives people (read: men) usually use to describe a woman. She will get more compliments on her looks or dress rather than her work, intelligence or strength.

 But why is this so? Ever thought about it?

One of the reasons behind this view can be attributed to media, various advertisements and shows that often depict women as objects of desire, male fantasy, some guy’s love interest and “being a good girl.

Let’s face it, we live in a mostly male-centric society after all

It’s high time women call out on this bullshit and unleash a side that people haven’t seen before- the badass version. A badass woman is someone who lives her life on her own terms, knows her value and isn’t afraid to call out injustice or when her self- worth is threatened. She is true to herself and is comfortable in her own skin. There are moments when she struggles and stumbles but never forgets to rise again… as a much stronger person!

She isn’t some princess waiting for her knight in shining armor, SHE IS THE F****ING KNIGHT HERSELF!

And when the society tries to bring her down, she doesn’t give a f****!

Fuck good, be badass!

Thus, presenting a list of series that play tribute to this badass nature of women that will truly inspire you to become the “badass version” of yourself.


  1. Good Girls Revolt:

(IMDb 8.2/10)

Based on a true story and inspired by Lynn Povich’s 2013 book The Good Girls Revolt.

It shows the journey of a group of different female research working at News of the week magazine who unite for a common cause and stand up to their rights to be treated fairly in their workplace. Consequently, it comes at the cost of their marriages and love lives.

Can a show get more badass than this?

This series has run for just one season as yet and the amazing climax leaves you wanting for more.

Is a season 2 on the way; anybody listening?


But Many of the injustices that young women face today are the same ones we fought against 40 years ago. The Discrimination may be subtler. But the sexist attitudes still exist.

-Lynn Povish in his book The Good Girls Revolt


  1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:

(IMDb 9/10)

Period Comedy-DramaSeries. In this series, Rachel Brosnahan as Mrs. Maisel will keep you hooked since the first frame.

The show opens with the lead giving a cracking toast at her own wedding (You got to have a certain degree of badassery to do that!) who goes on to become a perfect housewife (even her briquettes are perfect!) until she discovers a hidden talent for standup comedy.

The show traces the odyssey of self-discovery of a woman as she wends her way through cafes and nightclubs of Greenwich Village wanting to find her way through the city’s mostly male-dominated comedy circuit and her transition from a typical housewife to her bold choice as a comedienne.

Need we say any more?


  1. The Mindy Project:

(IMDb 7.4/10)

Romantic comedy series.

Quirky, fun, ambitious and sassy with a unique sense of style, that’s Mindy Lahiri for you!

Strong opinionated, she isn’t afraid to raise her voice when its necessary (well sometimes even when it isn’t ;)) who works as an OB GYN in New York with a bunch of crazy coworkers.

A hopeless romantic who grew up watching rom coms she is eternally in search of her Mr. Right as she balances her career all along (Isn’t that the story of life for almost every single girl living in a big city).

She has “BOSS-GIRL” spelt all over! The show highlights how you can be feminine and tough at the same time.  The show is into its sixth season now and definitely worth the weekend binge in these cozy winters when you would rather stay in and need a good laugh. There certainly is a bit of Mindy in all of us.


  1. Girlfriends’ guide to divorce:

(IMDb 6.9/10)

Comedy drama Series.

Abby McCarthy- bestselling author of self-help books and a devoted mother deals the repercussions of her divorce as she tries to navigate her life as a single mother trying to support her children.

Rule #67: “Divorce is sad…But staying in a shitty marriage is the real tragedy.

She is supported by her badass divorcee friends who always have a back when the going gets tough. The show is about finding a silver lining in the most hopeless of situations and never losing your fun quirky side no matter how many blows life deals you with.

Join Abby as she lays down rules (some smart and some simply insane) to deal with something as sad as divorce and come out as a winner.

Takes a helluva badass to do that… right?


  1. Big Little Lies:

(IMDb 8.6/10)

Drama Series.

Featuring the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern (raising the hotness quotient by notches!), the show opens with a brutal homicide and the cops trying to solve the mystery.

The crisp screenplay will keep you on the edge from the very first episode. It revolves around the lives of three wealthy housewives living in the small town of Montery, each harboring secrets of their own and each badass in their own way.

You can’t help but fall for these ladies so much so that you’ll become a part of their intriguing lives. Must watch and a personal favorite!

P.S.- the series has won an Emmy and a Golden Globe!



There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise and be badass!



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