What does it feel like to be an !diot?

Someone has said truly, that there is a hidden art in every single action we do. It’s easy to pretend that we are not actually the same person when compared to what we truly are. Looking at the world around us, we may find intelligent people, but it is very difficult to find an idiot between us.

Sounds so funny but this is the actual reality of this world. A harsh irony of the circumstances will be that although there is a bit of idiocy in every intelligent person and vice versa, irrespective of the fact that they would never in their wildest dreams accept this.

Then the question raised in my mind that am I the only idiot in this world or there are some more?

Arey kehna kya chahte ho


I mean to say that I looked around this world to find someone who has quite similar thoughts and actions just like me. And I was so proud to notice that all are same but different from me. I was quite shocked to know that how all my surroundings are opposite of me. Why is this so?

To find out the answer I went through the question again and again and finally came out with an answer that which really amazed me to the core. I realized people are copying each other, so they are all same. Ohh, come on, please can nobody in the world stay original..!!

And I finally come to know that the one who is not copying anyone is the real idiot.Test your intelligence

So now I am ready to answer this question what does it feels like to be an idiot?

According to Google, an idiot is a person of low intelligence, who is foolish has no sense.

But what the conclusion I went through is that an idiot is the one who knows how to enjoy his life,  he is the one who follows his heart and dreams, and the one who never works under anyone’s conditions, the one who is his own boss. Nobody is happier and richer than an idiot. An idiot is the true author of his own life.

Idiot Happy


Some Renowned Idiots:

  1. Thomas Edison: As a young boy, Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was “too stupid to learn anything.” Also, he did not get much success in the workplace, as he was fired from his first two jobs for being unproductive. Even Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. But finally, that 1,001 worked out.

Thomas Edison



  • Albert Einstein: He never followed what others said to him, he followed what his heart said and this was the result of his work that today we are living under the shadow of his inventions

Albert Einstein



  • Walt Disney: He fired from his job for not being creative enough. Also, his Mickey mouse got rejected because it seems “too scary for women.” Thankfully, he chose not to listen to any of his critics and moved forward towards his dreams, due to which we have Disney company.



Even Steve Jobs said, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” in his farewell message. Stay hungry to learn and achieve more and stay foolish to make unconventional decisions as Steve Jobs did when he dropped out from college to pursue his goal.

So now if someone says you are an idiot, don’t get dishearten but encourage yourself as you are different from others. Don’t care what people think of you, sometimes laugh at you, remember that this idiot inside you makes you unique among your mockers.

tum ro oge or mai hasunga


“When a man no longer confuses himself with the definition of himself that others have given him, he is at once universal and unique.” – Alan Watts

May you find an !diot inside you !!

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    Really nice………such a inspirational thought….. really appreciate your talent….May god bless you my sweet heart…..

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